Photoshop Top Secret Training DVD 3


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Product Description

How to Become a Photoshop "Black Belt"-Fast!

Photoshop Top Secret is an Extreme Training Course that teaches you, step by step, how to create cutting-edge graphics and special effects with Adobe Photoshop. This student-friendly home study course consists of four DVD-ROMs with over 16 gigabytes of video tutorials and project files. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be, without the need for expensive classes or tutors.

DVD 3 Videos :

Flying out of Bounds – Create the classic “out of bounds” effect with a very cool masking trick.
Reaching out of Bounds – Creating the illusion of arms and hands reaching out of a picture frame.
Chocolate Milk Frog – How to make a frog covered in chocolate.
Covered with Wax – Choose an object and cover it with melting wax.
Grunge Look – Create a unique grunge background that can be used for almost anything.
Square Fruit – Play with mother nature by changing the shape of fruit.
Invisible Man – How to make a person vanish from their clothing.
Metal Collage – How to create a Robot with pieces of a Photo and then place it into another world.
Morphing Creatures – Morph animals and reptiles together to create interesting creatures.
Using Layer Comps – How to create multiple layouts in one Photoshop file using Layer Comps.

These DVD tutorials are for Computer use only.